Alejandro Escuer

Alejandro Escuer (Mexico, 1963) is a flutist, improviser, composer and 

multidisciplinary artist who has developed his own foundations on music interpretation, improvisation and composition, which have had an impact on his concerts and recordings with acclaimed reviews by The New York Times, TIME Magazine Art Director, New Music Connoisseur, Classical Music Review, American Record Guide and personalities such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Robert Dick, among many others. Influenced by the visual arts, Alejandro Escuer holds degrees from Conservatorio Nacional and UNAM. He obtained his soloist degree from the Conservatorium Amsterdam and earned a doctorate from New York University. Alejandro Escuer has received numerous prizes and awards, including a Rockefeller Foundation Award, a Fulbright for a postdoctoral residency at Indiana University, and many recognitions and fellowships from Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes of Mexico. He is also an active scholar (full time tenure faculty at the Escuela Nacional de Música of the UNAM. As a soloist he has recorded Jade Nocturno, Aqua, Aire Desnudo, Folklore Imaginario, Flying and others.